VR-porn Technology and Shooting

To make a viewer feel the new experience from watching the video in virtual reality, porn studios must film videos in special conditions and use special technologies. A person has binocular vision, which means that the natural 3D effect that we see in everyday life can only be achieved using a technique that simulates human vision. Such a process of shooting requires high skill from both the director and to a greater extent from the actors. The process of shooting Not surprisingly, there are only a few options right now for those seeking VR pornography, and they range from low-quality videos that were very clearly shot using hacked-together dual-lens recording equipment to super-high-resolution movies that can be several gigabytes in size, each. Most content is shot in a 180-degree panorama format. It’s achieved by shooting with two Sony A7rii cameras with 8mm fish lenses attached together in a custom configuration. Why exactly 180-degree videos? Most of the scenes are shot in a 180-degree format since most viewers watch videos lying down and do not feel the need to see what is happening behind them. Many companies made several films where you can turn your head, using several GoPro cameras to create a full-fledged 360-degree field of view – you cannot look just under your feet. In one of the videos I watched, the viewer is placed on the floor while two couples are having sex next to him. The viewer can choose which pair to watch by looking in his/her direction. But shooting for VR poses has a number of challenges for both for the actors and for the director. The shooting process includes many limitations, including postures, in which you want to shoot. Actors have to change my posture and movement because in VR the picture comes from a different angle. It also requires more energy from actresses, since the male actor cannot move or speak. The actor also has to train the exact direction of the gaze – either at or above the camera. Due to these limitations, shooting sometimes takes twice as much as traditional videos, which is difficult for actors. So VR is definitely more difficult from a physical point of view. Constant eye contact is exhausting. In addition to the cameras, there are two 4K recorders on the set, one monitoring system for VR recordings, which gives the director the opportunity to see how everything […]