Device Weight

Apart from wires, the weight of the device itself is small, about 300 grams. This is about the same as monitor headphones weigh. And here it is necessary to draw a parallel and remember what the sensations from the headphones after sitting in them for an hour. Not only the ears, but also the head, the top of the head, and the neck begin to ache.

This is due to the tension of the muscles of the neck. The same symptoms occur after long wearing glasses. Of course, it is impossible to judge the dangers of the points by this parameter. After all, it all depends on the time spent in them.

Detachment from the Real World

There are stories about young people who, playing in virtual reality, are completely detached from reality. They forget to eat, drink, sleep. Loss of counting time leads to serious health consequences. This is manifested not only in moral and physical fatigue but also in exhaustion. In some cases, it is not possible to save a person who has played before a pulse is lost. He/she dies of dehydration or starvation.

But to talk about the specific harm of points, in this case, is also impossible. Indeed, it is not the device itself that is to blame, but the exciting plot of the game, the receptive and fascinating nature of the player.

Harm to Sight

The most important question: are the glasses harmful to your eyesight? Here the opinions of not only the players but also many experts differ. Most believe that a helmet for the eyes is no more dangerous than a computer monitor with an average diagonal.

Others are convinced that the glasses exert a greater strain on the eyesight, as a result of which it deteriorates. And the data confirming this fact is. Long and frequent sitting in a virtual helmet, as well as at the computer, will eventually lead to a deterioration in visual acuity.

A long stay in the virtual world can lead to anomalies of refraction of vision. In this case, there are eye diseases in which the image is focused in front of the retina, and not on it. It is impossible to say whether glasses for virtual reality are harmful to health and vision. It all depends on many factors: the length of stay in the fictional world, the psyche and emotional state of the player, the quality of the device.