Year: 2019

VR-porn – Reviews of Real People about Unreal Se

An American virtual reality expert has tried many different VR devices. Some were not bad, some really surprised him, and some were just awful. However, he never tried VR Porn. Therefore, when the largest manufacturer of pornographic products, Naughty America, invited Raymond Wong to test the VR device at CES 2016, he didn’t even know what to expect from this technology. Does he become just a spectator in the hall, watching the perverts? Or can a person really experience virtual sex? He received an answer as soon as he put on a Samsung Gear VR headset and turned on VR-porn videos. After passing the captions of Naughty America, he found himself in the bedroom. A porn star was kneeling in front of him, trying to seduce him with obscene talk. He looked down and saw some guy’s muscular body. Well, it’s not me, he thought in some confusion. Who is it? Finally, he realized that he was the very Superman. Then the woman called her friend, and then he saw as they were exposed, having engaged in oral sex with this virtual guy, or rather with him – afterward going over to the sex games three of us. Even realizing that two naked beauties are really not around and that the muscular body is not his, he, he said, still thought that all this was happening in reality. The more the girls shook their breasts in front of his face and rubbed their bare bottom, the faster he got used to the role of a virtual playboy. He felt himself turning red as the beauties revealed all their talents. The only comment on the virtual porn video of Naughty America was the limited field of view. The expert could only look ahead, since the video only supports 180-degree tracking of the user’s head rotation, and not all 360 degrees, as in other VR devices. Therefore, if you turn your head too far to the left or right, or up and down, only the black screen will be visible. While watching another virtual porn video, the girl leaned so close that she touched her lips that Raymond recoiled back, her presence was so realistic. In another VR video, he felt himself in a woman’s body that caressed a porn actor – so that you could even feel the sweat of his armpits. Although there, of course, there was no smell. Like […]